Jordan: Accession to PCT and Amended Patent laws enter into force

Jordan: Accession to PCT and Amended Patent laws enter into force

Jordan’s accession to Patent Cooperation Treaty entered into force effective June 09, 2017, therefore, all international applications filed thereafter can designate Jordan (JO) for national entry. This has been a much-awaited relief for inventors interested in securing protection for their business interest in Jordan.

Also, Jordan has amended their Patent Laws to be more cope with the international patent practice. The amended Patent Law No. 16 and the amended Patent Law No. 17 of 2017 of Jordan have been effectively entered into force on June 16, 2017 and the major amendments to Patent Law include:

1) Introduction of Electronic filing system.
2) Possibility of withdrawing a patent application prior to its grant.
3) Publication of patent applications after 18 months from filing or priority date. It allows
the public to access and search the patent database.
4) Prohibiting the importation of patented items by the patent licensee, if the license agreement
restricts the import of said products into Jordan

These amendments will greatly influence the patent practice in Jordan. Effective implementation of Intellectual property laws can help Jordan to become an innovative friendly nation.

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